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Fachrul Hasan has a dream and a powerful vision: using his talent and love for hip-hop to share his stories, and passion with the audience. Inspired by the genuine warmth of lo-fi aesthetics, Hasan makes music that feels personal, yet filled with plenty of attitudes and a groundbreaking flow. Hasan's music falls somewhere in between old and new school: although his sound is rooted in the rap genre, his music is entirely free; he allows different ideas and influences to inspire his eclectic work.

Hasan makes music that is striking for its outstanding melodies, punchy grooves, and gripping lyrics. His beats are seamless and organic. Inspired by amazing old school and lo-fi hip-hop vibes, this artist wants to spread his feelings and share beautiful poetry through his music releases. In addition to that, the unique sound of his productions is clear and well-balanced, allowing his vocal delivery to stand out and merge in with the beats in a very seamless and organic way.

'Dishonesty' on Spotify

'Dishonesty' on Apple Music

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