Atmacoach | Human Resources Indonesia

HR- Outsourcing

Under PT. Asia Talenta Manajemen, Atmacoach accommodates and designs the unique formula for your enterprises’ requirements to manage your corporate’s back-and-middle positions or functions. We manage a comprehensive range of a world-class HR outsourcing services from talent acquisition to industrial relation for temporary employees that will bring your rapidly return on investment and the greatest revenue. Our HR outsourcing service provides a wide range of employee types, either monthly or daily basis, for industries: hospitality, manufacturing, retail, trading, logistic, oil exploration, and other business sectors based on the clients’ need and government regulations.

HR Outsourcing is not just hiring people or managing payroll by the outsourcing providers or software. It is more about applying a talent management process systematically managed by the knowledgeable and hands-on experienced experts to help organizations achieve productivity and bottom-line. We provide the service to a medium-to-large business, like your business, looking for a way to diminish business risk and permanent headcount, that enable you focus on your core business in achieving your business growth and bottom-line. To gain these organization’s goals, our outsourcing service could implement an immediate solution in managing your office operation support functions. When you have hired other outsourcing service vendors, and now is looking for comprehensive HR outsourcing services, our hands-on experienced teams have more than 20-year experiences could take a transition over the outsourced employees from other vendors to our company without any boundaries.

To produce our consistent results and the best achievement, Atmacoach also engages all our outsourced or contractual employees in its training and coaching programs on on-going basis from Asia Talent Management Academy, a national and international accredited institution. These training programs are intended for the outsourced employees to create your organization’s competitive-edge in the market without any costs from your organization.

Talent Recruitment

Atmacoach responds the Human Resources environments in today’s constant and inevitable environment change. We provide a bespoke service of talent recruitment to match the best candidates to the positions required. Our dedicated team of recruitment specialist does not only find ‘the right people for the right position’, but it also delivers other premier recruitment services: sourcing, screening, selection, and on-boarding to ensure that all aspects of the recruitment process. Our premier services will deliver both time efficiency and cost effectiveness, no matter where the clients are located.

Our service is flexibly that could be customized with the packages of different need and position levels required, from key positions to non-staff levels. Through our cloud-based state-of-the-art technology and recruitment specialists, Atmacoach ensures the selection and integration of suitable staffs will occupy the positions required.

Training & Development

One of key pillars of our service is the training and development program accredited by national and international institutions. This program delivers the different learning environment to improve your best talent differentiation. We understand what it takes to deliver training that makes a positive impact for employers and employees. Learning never stops as it will grow your business.

It is clear that employers must ensure that all employees should be engaged in the structured training and development program supported by the best environment to develop their competency differentiation. Through our training and development program, Atmacoach provides a comprehensive range of training programs for your employees, permanent or contractual level, to gain their career development opportunity. It also enables employees build and grow their excellent capability and performance to achieve your organization’s growth and success.